1/30: long time no see

Oh, hello, studded blazer. I've missed you. Remember when you injured me? That's okay. I still love you, and I'm excited about the month we're going to spend together. You're going to kick off my 30x30 experiment, mmmkay?
1/30 of 30x30
date: 1 Feb 11 | occasion: Jude's check-up
blazer: DIY | blouse: vintage via Savers | jeans: Lands' End Canvas | loafers: thrifted via Savers
By the way, I'm only a few Google girl friends away from 1000. This is absolutely crazy to me because I never expected anyone other than my aunt (who happens to be my biggest fan-- everyone say "Hi, Aunt Wanda!") to read this. I want to do something funny to celebrate. Maybe I'll eat 1000 eggs. Or jelly beans. Or something. Any suggestions?