30x30 c/o Adored Austin

I gave in. After chickening out the last two times, I'm finally doing Kendi's 30x30 challenge with Katy and Erin and the whole rest of the internet (complete list of 800+ remixers here). Who knew there were so many lady bloggers? Wowzers!

I've chosen the 30 items I'm going to be wearing for the next 30 days, and I purposely chose not to include anything I got for free or as part as my partnerships on Adored Austin. As I've said, the gifts I have received over the last year and a half from my partners are clothing items, shoes, and accessories that I have chosen myself and fit very well into my budget and aesthetic. So, truthfully, I'll be missing most of those items over the next 30 days (especially my Lulus dresses, ThreadSence shoes, TIKKR watch, Wanted boots, and Lands' End Canvas sweater!). I've given my partners the option to take this month off from Adored Austin advertising (since I won't be providing as much exposure as I usually do) and if I receive any gifts in the next 30 days, I promise to not wear them until the month is over.

Why am I making this hard on myself? Well, three reasons:
1. I recognize that a lot of bloggers get a lot of free stuff, and I have been the blessed recipient of many courtesy items since my blog's inception, however, most of the 800 bloggers participating in this project are not bloggers who have "sponsors". Therefore, to be a true part of the 30x30 community, I'm only using things that I've purchased myself. Plus I think that every blogger who is sponsored should take some breaks from all the constant c/o-ing-- myself included.
2. When I get gifts or new things, I love wearing them immediately and often. This has meant that some of my older clothes get ignored. Not incorporating gift items makes me use more of my thrifted treasures and super sale finds.
3. The biggest reason is this, though: It's important to me that I show my regular Adored Austin readers that all the items I have received from my partners are things that I do use regularly and will be sorely missed. I'm not a corporate shill. I'm an avid customer!


Anyway, that was a lot of text, so here's a very long photo showcasing my 30x30 picks:
500_30x30[links point to how I wore it before]
Jackets & sweaters
: thrifted beaded jacket (Savers) | black double breasted cardigan (American Apparel outlet) | DIY refashioned studded blazer (Savers) | yellow Halogen cardigan (Nordstrom Rack) | Mink Pink leopard cardigan (Shopbop).
Dresses: navy American Apparel dress (SXSW flea market) | basic black cotton thrifted dress (Buffalo Exchange) | thrifted lace dress (Buffalo Exchange) | floral mock skirt frock (Langford Market/ Le Garage Sale).
Shirts: vintage cream blouse (Savers 50% off day) | gray tee (Walmart) | chambray button down (Nordstrom) | white deep-v tee (American Apparel) | white button down (Strut, new, never blogged before) | dotted, ruffled button down (estate sale) | black rayon button down (Express, 10 years ago!) | peach lace tank (Plain Ivey Jane, new, never blogged before).
Pants: skinny jeans (Lands End Canvas) | leather/ cotton leggings (Nordstrom).
Skirts: green crinkle skirt (Nordstrom) | red pencil skirt (Tommy Hilfiger) | grey athletic skirt (American Apparel) | black pocket skirt (American Apparel) | black sequined skirt (Kenar via Marshalls, new, never blogged before) | black tutu (Forever 21)
Shoes: leopard flats (Target) | black heeled mary janes (Target) | black canvas oxfords (Urban Outfitters) | thrifted loafers (Savers) | nude wedges (Nordstrom Rack).

Y'all, I'm nervous! And I miss some of my other clothes already and it's only been ONE DAY! Thank goodness I have 800 other women to find encouragement from!