Debut of the DIY lace jacket

I test drove my DIY Gone Awry jacket today, and I must say, I do rather like it now. It just took a little encouragement from the internets! Per the suggestions, I belted it, and now I can't wait to wear it again in the fall with a full black skirt and tights or some wide legged black trousers.

Today I wanted to sport a basic white or nude tank underneath, but the only one clean was my beloved white Calvin Klein one. I feared that the dye from my jacket would leak onto my shirt, so I decided to not risk it:

DIY lace jacket
DIY lace jacket

date: 15 September 2009
occasion: thrifting
jacket: Victor Costa (dyed)
sash: taken from my Laura Dahl dress
shorts: F21
shoes: Victoria Spencer
bag: Marshalls
tee (underneath): American Apparel

While shopping today, I had an epiphany. Two women from the wardrobe department of Machete were in the store. Well, I'm guessing they were from Machete (because it's currently filming here in Austin). I saw one hold up a pair of teeny tiny jeans and overheard her ask, "Do you think Jessica would like these? She's in two scenes tomorrow." The other woman said, "If she doesn't, maybe Lindsay will."

Then I realized that those women have the best job, ever! If my acting/ screenwriting career doesn't pan out, I should see what it takes to work in the wardrobe department for films and television! I've been acting since the second grade and I've been a serious shopper since I was a kid. Why have I never thought of this before? If anyone was made to shop for films, it's me! Now how in the world do I get started?