Thrifting adventures: Buffalo Exchange

I'm safe! Unbeknownst to me, I was stuck in a time warp today. The first destination on my mega shopping list was Buffalo Exchange. I sold them five items today and made $34.50 in store credit. Not too terribly shabby. Since I'm priming the pump for Hubs' 2010 make-over, I shopped every single rack (mens and womens). I did not find anything for him, but I did find a few items for myself (including one from my fall wish list):
Buffalo Exchange finds: 15 September 2009

Wilsons Leather 1980's skirt 14.50, vintage 1970's red leather blazer $18.50, Express tights $5.50

After checking out, I checked the time and was shocked to find that it was 3:45! How in the world was I there for four hours?! I'm an extremely time efficient shopper, therefore I must conclude that everyone in the store got stuck in some sort of time warp where we lost at least three hours of our lives. There's absolutely no other explanation!

And sadly, because of my time loss, I did not have time to hit up the south Austin store or Target. Hubs signed us up for an eight week long small group (through our church) for married couples called "Sex and Finance", and it starts tonight. Yowzers! Two very hot topics. One is, however, decidedly more hot than the other, if you know what I'm sayin'! It should be an interesting night.

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