Adored Austin could be blogging for The Domain... but that's up to you.

I am so excited to let you all know that I am one of three finalist to blog for my favorite shopping center in Austin: The Domain! I just held the Texas Style Council March Mixers at The Domain and had the opportunity to get to know some of the people who work at some of my favorite shops there. It goes without saying that I love The Domain, and when Simon Malls announced they'd be hiring a 40 bloggers to cover events for 40 of their major shopping centers, I knew immediately that The Domain would be receiving my application.
At the beginning of this month, I submitted this blog post for consideration. This afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised to learn via Twitter that I made it as one of The Domain's top three choices. I was not so pleasantly surprised to learn that the final choice would be left up to Facebook votes. Whoops. I should have committed the fine print to memory!

In any regard, I'd love your votes if you have a moment! Vote by clicking this Facebook link and then click on Indiana Adams (the girl who looks like me). Or if you think Charles or Tawni would be a better fit, vote for them (um, how cool would it be if they hired a guy? And I need to know what shade of lipstick Tawni is wearing in her photo. It's gorgeous!). Vote for one of us here:
[Fine print: Please note that the Facebook voting link only works from a desktop computer. It is not configured for mobile devices.]

I think The Domain could use a blogger like me. I mean... surely they'd be down with blogs like this and this, right?

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