Some of my favorite thrift store finds

I do a lot of thrift store shopping. I almost always go to thrift stores before I go anywhere else when I think I need a "new" outfit. Three of my most worn, recent finds are

1. my Minnetonka fringe boots:
bootsFound at Buffalo Exchange in mint condition, these are my easy go-to boots when I'm running to the grocery store in cut-offs and a t-shirt.
$25.00 used vs $79.95 new
2. my Michael Kors runway watch:
braceletFound at a Goodwill in Denton, Texas, I am convinced that a scorned ex-boyfriend took a box of his former lover's belongings and dumped them off here. His loss= my gain!
$40 used vs. $248.00 new

3. my 1960's lace dress:
indiana_savers2Found at Thrift Town, this dress looks like something straight from the Free People catalog, but at just $10, it's 1/10th of the price.

$10 used vs. $187.00 new

Lest you think that Austin is an exceptional treasure trove of thrifted goodies or that I have unparalleled resale store prowess, I asked some of my online friends all over the country to show me their favorite thrift store finds. Check back later for that big post!

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