Whoa, Matchy

It's not often that I plan an entire outfit around a pair of shoes, but when the kind folks over at PB&J offered me these gorgeous heels, I readily (and hungrily) accepted. Remember? I'm rebuilding my shoe collection from scratch!


date: 14 December 2010
occasion: City Group tonight
coat: Tulle
dress: Dusty Rose (Ross)
tights: We Love Colors
pumps: courtesy of PB&J Boutique

I'm excited about this new online boutique. I especially love their Classic Hardware jewelry line (lots of animals in there!). PB&J recently launched their blog Casual Clothing, and they did their first post offering some great goodies (like rain boots and winter accessories) to the first responders, but so far (as of this very moment) there have been no takers! If I were you, I'd go over there to snag 'em! While you're there, be sure to take a look around the PB& J shop. I recently picked out this this blouse, and I love it, but I have not yet styled it. In fact, I'm having a little bit of trouble styling it because I want to show off how cool the back is. Anyone have any ideas for it?