Squeezing myself into a tight situation

What was I thinking?


I forgot to mention that at the Bleet-Up on Friday, I may have been acting super awkward because my tights were riding down my booty the entire night underneath my long dress. Thank goodness I wore a long dress!


I usually stick to tights from American Apparel and We Love Colors because after many trials and errors, I am certain that those brands fit.

F21 model vs. me

One size fits all... except formally pregnant ladies still working off 20 of the 40 pounds she gained!

Joanna and I were discussing this. Don't you think that tights should never come in one size fits all? I mean, they cover half your body, so they need to FIT! Plus, ill fitting tights are utterly useless. Regarding these specifically, Forever 21 has the worst exchange policy, and it's not like I can gift these to a friend. Who gives friends used tights? Oh, well. Thank goodness they were only $6.80 and I got at least one wear out of them!

Comment of the Day: ..."My husbands bestfriend has recently told me and his wife that Forever21 we have grown out of and we need to find a forever41"... -Lah Tea Dah