How do some girls take their photos in the snow?

It is freezing outside! I know I've said that before when it wasn't actually freezing, but this time I mean it! It is almost noon and it's only 25º outside. Texas is having an identity crisis! It feels like THIS:

It feels THIS cold in Texas!
'Cept it's not actually snowing. If it looks like my face is frozen in the next photo, it's because it is:

fish necklacedate: 8 January 2010
occasion: going to find a tailor, picking up shoes from shoe repair, Giselle's birthday party
sweater: Rue21
blouse: Express
pants: Buffalo Exchange (new merch)
necklace: City Wide Garage Sale
belt: thrifted, Savers
boots: thrifted Chinese Laundry (Buffalo Exchange)

This was the responsible blouse I wore yesterday while trying to take care of my speeding ticket. I had to pay an $111 filing fee to take a drivers safety course, plus $10 to request my driving record from DMV, and soon I will have to pay an additional $25 for the six hour class, which (luckily) I can do online. Since I'm taking the safety class, my insurance won't go up and I don't have to pay the $163 ticket. Yay! I saved at least $17. In retrospect, I don't know why I didn't cry to try to get off with a warning instead of a ticket. This is whole ordeal has annihilated my monthly thrift store money. No more Savers exploring for me this month. Bummer.