Okay, so I know what you want

I am so glad I asked y'all for some input on the content of my blog. It's given me some time to really consider who is coming here and what kind of content you like. So thank you for that. 

If you're curious, here's what I found. Out of 64 responses...

What you want to see on Indiana/Elsewhere

  •  42 want to see fashion content (posts featuring my outfits and mom style)
  •  54 want to see family content (posts featuring my family and our activities and home life)
  •  28 want to see faith content (my musings on faith from a Christian POV)
  •  12 want to see podcasts-centric content (posts related to my work with Coffee + Crumbs)
Oh this #OOTD? It's  a dress from Old Navy  and some brown boots from... don't hate me... Nordstrom Rack (no lie: it's legit my favorite store, OKAY?!)

Oh this #OOTD? It's a dress from Old Navy and some brown boots from... don't hate me... Nordstrom Rack (no lie: it's legit my favorite store, OKAY?!)

Out of 64 responses, 55 people let me know they've been reading this blog for a loooooong time (hey, girl, hey!), whereas 10 are newbies this year (oh hai!). Most of you do not want me to email you (Ha! Understood!), but even those who did want an email said that once / month is about right. 

I was super surprised (like an 8 out of 10 surprised) that fashion was so high up there. Can one of you tell me why? I have to assume it's because you've been with me since the Adored Austin days and you miss that, but y'all! Things have changed. I can't run around in wacky colored tights and short short dresses anymore. You want to see my boring old mom style? Okay. Fine, but if you fall asleep while reading Indiana/Elsewhere, don't blame me. YOU ASKED FOR IT, REMEMBER?!

I was kind of surprised (6/10 level) that you're not super into my podcast work with Coffee + Crumbs, and that's okay, I guess. You're checking a blog. You want things to read. Noted! I'll keep that in mind and promise to do a thoughtful job of writing posts that could stand alone even if they have a tie-in to an episode I record with Coffee + Crumbs. I think my post On Growing Hope is more aligned with how I plan to do that in the future. 

Something we did NOT talk about is video content. So let me know: 

Should I make more videos?
Let's assume they're good, okay?

I used to make videos! Remember? This one is three years old and I did it for Mom Jeans & Dad Jokes (RIP), but it's still my favorite, hands down: 

Last week my friend Cathy gave me an incredible idea for a YouTube series, and I think I have the margins to create one video every couple of weeks. I mean, if y'all want. It depends on the poll above, I guess. We shall see! 

All in all, I feel really loved and supported and known here. There's a rad group of women reading this site (many of whom know me IRL), and I don't take that lightly. Listen, I get the sense that you want the blogs that you read to be like the wardrobe I want my closet: a mix of things so that on the days you want one thing you have it, but on the days you want something else, you have that, too. A mix of high and low. Things that mean something to you that you've had a long time, but other things that are new that you want to try. So, yes, on one hand, you want blogs that inspire you and can provide a little escapism and a glimpse into something other than what you live (for me that's Sea of Shoes and Atlantic Pacific), but on the other hand you want blogs that you've been reading so long that the authors feel like friends (for me that's Orchid Grey, Stars + Field, and Blonde Bedhead). And for good fun, you want to check out new blogs so long as the content is good (my new love is Where Did U Get That). 

Snapseed 13.jpg

You are tired of shallow content. You don't read as many blogs as you used to, and you've noticed that some of the blogs that you used to love have lost their spark in the name of affiliate marketing. Hear me clearly, though: I am in full support of affiliate marketing and underwritten / sponsored content (and I will not shame another woman for making money off of her work, be it her hobby blog or her full-time job). I use affiliate links and I accept sponsored content, and I feel zero guilt about that because I know that my content isn't influenced by what can net me the most commission (Design for Mankind does this so well and I aspire to do likewise). However, we can both agree on this: you don't want mediocre content created solely for the purpose of earning a few cents for a click. You do not want your favorite blog to turn into a virtual Nordstrom showroom, especially if you yourself do not regularly shop at Nordstrom. 

You're here because you like me. I'm a likable gal. My hope is for you to keep liking me! I intend to keep doing what I've been doing: writing varied content at the speed in which my life allows me and writing like I'm having a conversation with a friend. Sometimes we'll talk about serious things, but sometimes we'll talk about silly things. We'll compliment each other's style and encourage one another in parenting, in creativity, in life, in general. Because that's what friends do. Even friends from the internet. 

Thanks again for your input. I'm really glad you're (still) here.