My kids love dressing up. We have two full hampers of costumes that my kids are allowed to wear pretty much anytime except for at the dinner table. 

My girls also love princesses. If you knew me in college, you may be privy to the fact that I had an embarrassing amount of belongings emblazoned with the word "princess" and I did the Disney College Program for a semester and a summer. Despite this, I didn't actively encourage my girls to be all about princesses. I swear I tried to steer them toward being really into inventors and missionaries and really cool literary figures, but nonetheless princess love just happened. 

And I'm okay with that. We talk about how princesses are kind and helpful and how they do the right thing and stick up for those who can't stick up for themselves. I also tell them that princesses love naps and that they try really hard not to complain. 

So when Little Adventures reached out to Caroline and Lucy to see if they'd like to try some of their dress up clothes, the girls were alllll about it. I let them look through the website and they immediately locked onto the huge array of princess dresses. Lucy chose a Little Mermaid day dress and Caroline chose a Sleeping Beauty day dress.

Little Adventures was started by two moms who wanted machine washable, soft (not scratchy) costumes for their kids. That seems like such a simple idea, but it's just not done this way, usually. I don't dare wash any of the old Halloween costumes the kids play in for fear that they'll just fall apart in the washing machine. This is so not the case with these. The girls have had these for three weeks and wear them all day, about three days a week. They've worn them to school, to church, and (today) to the YMCA. Caroline got food on her collar (Thin Mint cookie, to be exact) and milk on her skirt and Lucy got marker and juice on hers. 


I threw them in the washing machine, on delicate, and they came out as good as new!

I'm a big fan and think these would be excellent gifts to all your favorite kids in your life. 

Little Adventures would like to give one Indiana/Elsewhere reader a $30 gift certificate to use online (note: most of the outfits are $30). If princesses aren't your kids' thing, they also have super heroes, knights, and ninjas.

I'm hosting the giveaway on Instagram, so head over there to enter! It's not one of those weirdly long loop things, and you don't have to tag anyone to enter. Just follow @littleadverturesdressups and leave a comment on the Lucy / Caroline dress up photo (same as above) on my account under @indianaadams. I'll announce the winner Tuesday, March 7th (so enter by midnight, March 6th). 

In the meantime, if you need to get your hot little hands on some of these adorable, washable, comfortable, well made dress up clothes, new customers can enjoy 15% off your first purchase with promo code lapromo-ia

Disclaimer: Little Adventures is not a paid sponsor of Indiana/Elsewhere but my girls were each given the outfits featured in this post in exchange for our honest test run. We loved them so much and knew you would too, so we asked to pair up for a giveaway so we could share the love. Thanks for checking out a woman-owned company that we adore!

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