Fastest birth in the west...

It has come to my attention that my buddy Camp Patton has linked Caroline's birth story (Thanks, GP!), so I now have an influx of traffic to this oft neglected and sort of defunct blog. Hello, friends of the Camp! I love Grace and had the joy of meeting her in real life  and can attest to her amazing mane and quick wit in person, too. I'm sorry my blog is so sad these days with no new content, but nonetheless, I'm glad you're here! 

It's been over a year since I last read my own birth stories, and I read them in the car this afternoon whilst waiting for my eldest to buckle his own dang seat belt (which he insists on doing himself but it takes forevvvverrrrrr. Been there? Done that? Anyone else?). It was fun to reread them and I still enjoyed a hearty chuckle at my own expense. 

Without further ado, here's all three of my birth stories in one place for your viewing pleasure. I recommend reading them in order. 

  • JUDE // first birth, precipitous labor (home birth), I lost my dang mind but not my modesty. 
  • CAROLINE // twenty minute labor (home birth), unintentional water birth. 
  • LUCY // crazy pregnancy, precipitous labor (home birth), gif and flow chart included.

As to what I've been up to lately... nope, I'm not expecting (although this recent photo of me on Instagram yielded FIVE text messages asking me if I was... and if I was sure that I'm not. Yes, I'm sure. Ha!). 

Although we're not expecting a baby, we are pregnant with a podcast. Chris and I are launching a new project together (a site that's both a blog AND a podcast) where we will regale you with funny stories all the time. We're thrilled, we're proud, and we've named her already: Mom Jeans & Dad Jokes. We hope our first three episodes will be live next week. Topics covered in our inaugural episodes: Muppets, Competitive Eating, and Dad Bods. You're going to want to tune in.