Our mess is no sweat


Whoever said that boys are noise with dirt on it has clearly never met my wild girls. Our warm weather days are largely spent outdoors. I don't mind if they sweat until they're soaked, cake themselves in a fine layer of dirt, or fill their hair and pants with mulch. That seems like a recipe for a fun day (and a deep, good sleep afterward, if I'm being honest). 


I want my kids' childhood memories to be filled with recollections of doing dance recitals on a stump outside, trying to do a complete loop on the swing over the playscape bar, and skating or biking in the sticky heat up until the street lights come on. Childhood magic is made of catching fireflies, drinking from the garden hose, and leaving a ring of filth around the bathtub at the end of the night. 


When I was a kid coming inside after a long summer day at the park with my friends, I remember my grandma ushering me toward the bathtub, pointing to the bar of Ivory soap in the dish on the corner edge of the tub and telling me to scrub my knees real good. Ivory soap was her soap and then my dad's and then mine and it's now my kids', too. I can't think of another brand that's been a part of the every day in my family for four generations strong. Since its introduction in 1879, Ivory has cemented itself into the lives and routines and hearts of families everywhere for 138 years. Ivory recently introduced a new body wash -- Ivory Free & Gentle Body Wash, which is made with essential oils and comes in three varieties. My favorite is the chamomile, whereas Lucy wants y'all to know the she really likes the "blue one" (pear and sandalwood). The washes have a gentle, pure formula that's free of parabens, dyes, harsh cleansers and excessive fragrances. Caroline has keratosis pilaris and Chris has psoriasis and eczema, so we rarely deviate from a trusted brand like Ivory when it comes to our family's body wash. 


We make a lot of messes around here and spending most of our day outdoors and being okay with the dirt is a characteristic of what it means to be a part of this family. Thankfully Ivory has been with us every night, gently getting us cleaned up and ready to do it all over again the next day.


Disclosure: This post was underwritten by Ivory, who continues to uphold the standard of using only pure and purposeful ingredients in its products. Our family uses Ivory to simplify life so that we can spend time on the things that matter most

To learn more about Ivory, visit: www.ivory.com or connect with them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

As always, thank you for supporting the brands that support my creative endeavdors here on Indiana/Elsewhere.