Two truths and a lie


I tricked Chris. When he first laid eyes on me, it was online on a now defunct website for college students. My profile's headline said, "I can cook, moms love me, and I love Jesus."

He fell for it hook, line, and sinker. DM sent. Friendship formed. Two years later, we were in love. Two years after that, we were married. As he slipped that ring on my finger, he had no idea that my attention grabbing headline all those years prior was two truths and a lie. I couldn't cook at all. 

When Chris and I got married, we ate out a lot. Our at-home diet consisted of pizza takeout and easy mac with a side of Combos or, if I was feeling fancy, chips and salsa.

After two years of marriage under our unhealthy belts, Chris took me out to a nice dinner and over plates of food someone else prepared for us, he gently asked, "What can I do to help you get comfortable making food in our kitchen?" Gulp!  

The next day I bought a rice cooker and I heated up frozen vegetables in the microwave. The next week I hosted a dinner party featuring spaghetti I had made myself on the stove, topped with sauce straight from the jar. Incidentally, when I invited my friends over and told them I'd be cooking, they literally laughed out loud (LLOL). But a year later, I had a word of mouth cupcake business, and a year after that I could confidentially prepare and host an entire Thanksgiving dinner, cooking everything from apple brie appetizer to zeppole

I've traversed the spectrum here. I've been a terrible cook and a decent one. I've scoffed at a meal plan and now I do meal planning lite. I'm still not great at the stove, but no one laughs when I offer to cook dinner anymore. They believe that I'm capable. 

This week on Coffee + Crumbs, Ashlee and April and I got to talk about meal planning-- a topic several moms requested. It's hard, right?! We laughed a lot because we come from three totally different places on the "I love meal planning / I do not" scale. Plus we get real and admit that there's just something that sounds good about a McDonald's cheeseburger sometimes. 

I hope that no matter who you identify with in this episode, that you can join us for a feast of laughter with a side dish of useful resources that fit your style of meal planning best. 


Coffee + Crumbs // This is How We Do: Meal Planning

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