Friday Five: 4.27.18

I had a super productive week this week... at the expense of my workouts. I didn't workout at all, but I did inbox zero and had time to write here on I/E. I wrote something super serious and something not at all serious, so no matter which Indiana you prefer, there's something for everyone! Kinda like these these links! Hey-o!

01 / I did a 23andMe ancestry / DNA test. I don't have any idea why. My results were exactly what I thought they'd be. Pretty much 50% Asian, 25% Native American, 25% English, and I'm for sure related to my first cousin who also did the test. If you found out anything interesting on your test, would you let me know? I need a juicy story about someone finding a sister they never knew they had. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 12.27.55 PM.png

02 / I mentioned in a previous post that I had been reading Sea of Shoes for over a decade. Loved this write-up of her on Fashionista last fall: "A Decade in Digital: Jane Aldridge is Grateful Sea of Shoes has Never Changed".

03 / I'm all about the face oils now that I'm rehabbing my skin after doing an R+F regimen at the behest of a well meaning friend. I've been using BambuEarth's cleaning oil at night and following up with Banish's acne scar tools and masks. My skin feels much more comfortable and the dark gray acne spots on my chin have lightened up significantly. I just ran out of Herbivore's Lapis Oil (which I loved), but I wanted to try some new oils, so during Sephora's recent VIB sale, I ordered Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentration (for night), Fresh's Seaberry Moisturizing Oil (for day),  Urban Decay's Drop-Shot Mix-in Oil (to add a couple drops to my foundation). If you haven't added an oil to your skincare routine, I highly recommend trying one!

04 / Currently reading: For Women Only. I read this book ages ago, I think right before I got married, and I remember being blown away. I got to interview the author Shaunti Feldhahn on Coffee + Crumbs last week and after our chat I realized that I needed a refresher. I'd venture to say that no other book (other than the Bible, obvi!) has impacted my marriage as much as this one has. The updated version is so full of so many lightbulb moments! 

05 / Currently watching: Silicon Valley. Can't say that I miss TJ Miller (who I'm convinced is never really acting; he's just playing TJ Miller), but I can say that this show is the only show Chris will watch with me. I'm such an unashamed fangirl. All my electronic devices are named after characters from Silicon Valley. My phone is Gilfoyle, my watch is Danish, my computer is Hendricks, my Kindle is Jared Dunn, my printer is Monica, and my Echo is Laurie Breem. Fun fact: Zach Woods, the actor who plays Jared, was at SXSW giving an interview at The Driskoll at the same time Camille Styles and I were hosting a women's bloggers and brands meet-up. He peeked in our room, saw that it was all ladies but strolled right in and grabbed himself some cutesy cupcakes. I saluted him with my mimosa, and he walked out of the room... backwards. He's been my favorite ever since (well, okay, my favorite tied with Martin Starr / Gilfoyle who I adored on Freaks and Geeks) . My fingers are crossed that he'll come to Atlanta one day to do a masters improv class. Good read: In Praise of Silicon Valley's Jared Dunn: on of TV's Best Men