Am Reading: Spring 2018

The stack of books on my nightstand is taunting me. The tower of tomes grows taller and taller. Some are books sent to me to review. Some are books I've promised CMA I'll read so we can discuss. Others are books that I've bought thoughtfully with every good intention to finish in a timely manner. 

Snapseed 11.jpg

Here and now, I endeavor to buy no more books until I can get this pile down to one or two. Here's what I plan to check off by summer:

I think after this, my new strategy is audio books. That makes sense, right? As a person who indulges in podcasts, I should be able to make the jump to audio books. Right? Someone tell me this is correct.

Are we connected on Good Reads? Have you read any of the above? Thoughts? Recommendations? How many books are on your nightstand?