Over all, I love overalls

Have we talked about my love for overalls? I know that's well documented on Instagram, but I can't recall if we've had a heart to heart discussion about my overalls addiction here, yet.



Age two:

Snapseed 13.jpg

Senior photos:


Sartorially, this is what I'm known for. A few months ago, I had reconnected with a friend from college and we were trying to recall things we remembered about each other. "I think you wore overalls a lot?" HA! Yes! And by "a lot", I think my friend meant "every day when you were running late... which was every day."

Not including rompers or jumpsuits (which I also love), I currently have four pairs of overalls:

And I even rocked maternity overalls at one point! 


And on my wishlist: a pair of shortall overalls, a pair of slim fitting overalls, and a pair of white overalls

And, look, I know that would seem absurd to a normal person to have seven pairs of overalls, but CAN YOU IMAGINE BEING ABLE TO WEAR A DIFFERENT PAIR OF OVERALLS EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK?! That's a fantasy for me, but I think by year end I can make it a reality. These are big dreams, I know

In the meantime, I saw these A-line Free People overalls as an offering in Le Tote and just had to try them. Online and on other people, I love the length and cut of pants like this. What are they? Wide legged, high waters?


They're longer than culottes but shorter than flares. I've probably tried on 20 pairs of jeans with this cut, but can never pull the trigger. I'm never sure what shoes to wear (heels? flats? ankle boots?). And since I'm tall, I'm never sure if they look like they're supposed to be this length on purpose. I am STILL embarrassed by my seventh-grade student council photo in which my Guess jeans were way too short.

But when presented the opportunity to include these in my Le Tote this month, it was a no-brainer to try them: 


I did Rent the Runway Unlimited last December when I had a slew of holiday parties to attend, but I decided not to do it another month because the clothes (even the casual ones) were too fancy/showy for me. WHICH IS SAYING A LOT! But I really like the idea of renting clothing to try new styles and freshen up a rote wardrobe (or in my case, a wardrobe that got over-purged after I Kon Mari'ed while PMSing and drunk on the capsule wardrobe high). 

I saw Le Tote on Groupon jumped on it for two months since I'll be traveling a little bit in February and March and it's always fun to try new clothes for new situations, right? Le Tote is what it would be like if Stitch Fix had a baby with Rent the Runway. It's clothing rental, but more affordable brands in casual / every day clothing. The app will suggest certain articles of clothing, but ultimately, you choose exactly what comes in your shipment, and you don't rely on a stylist to choose for you. You also have the option to buy the things in your Le Tote, which is great.  

And while I love these overalls and will be wearing them until I feel like sending them back, I also love that I don't have to buy them. They're cute, but they're not on my "overalls wishlist".

So maybe I don't have an overalls addition. Because look at me saying "no, thanks!". I don't know, though. Ask me again in a month. Maybe these will still be in my possession. What if these are the gateway overalls to all other overalls not on my list? At what point will I need an intervention? Someone save me before I pawn off all my belongings to get these $4095 crystal embellished Balmain overalls, okay?