Old resolutions and even older pants

Hi! How was your 2017? Did you find that your future was so bright that you had to wear shades?


Not me.

I mean, I had to wear shades, but that's mainly because my under eye area has been looking rough since insomnia is trying to become my BFF again. Ugh

Want to know how my 2017 was? This is my blog, so you know I’m going to tell you anyway. In a word: Meh. I'm totally good with saying goodbye to 2017. I'm ready for a new year, but not because of new year’s resolutions or anything like that. 

If we're connected on Instagram perhaps you saw my diatribe about my Old Year's Resolutions last Friday. If you missed it, don't you worry. I saved it for posterity's sake on my blog's Facebook page (That old thing? You still have that? ... YES.)

My new year's resolution at the top of this year was to THRIVE. I wanted to get better at everything, which, in retrospect, was a pretty big and pretty vague resolution.

I think a better approach for me is to complete smaller, specific, daily tasks-- tasks that help me reach a larger goal, but aren't as ambiguous and ambitious as "do everything better". 

That means that my 2018 new year's resolution is not going to be to start blogging regularly again. Mainly because that's been a part of my NYR's every year for the last three years and I have failed that so spectacularly. 

And instead of wasting a perfectly fine December, from here on out, I'm just going to do the best I can to complete one small daily task. Last Friday my task was to post to my blog's Facebook. I DID IT! And Saturday my goal was to take some photos with my real camera instead of my phone. I DID THAT, TOO! See?


And my goal for today was to log in to my long neglected blog and post an outfit photo. BAM:


Date: 3 Dec 2017 // Occassion: lunch date
Sweater: Madewell via Poshmark // Shades: Target // Pants: Texas Thrift // Shoes: Adidas via Poshmark

YOU GUYS! I AM OWNING DECEMBER! Also, I still own these pants! (Those old things? You still have those? ... YES.) The are old! I'll have to look to confirm, but I think they may be one of the oldest things in my closet. First of all, I've owned them since Jude was a baby and he is SEVEN YEARS OLD NOW. (Their first blog appearance is here in 2011). Secondly these pants are legit from the 80's. The fit is totally strange, like Black Mirror / San Junipero kind of strange. How can something be both too small and too large at the same time? They are really tight in the gut and butt, but they’re way loose in the thigh and knees. Or maybe I’m just not wearing them right. I even tight rolled them because everything old is new again (P.S. tight rolling leather pants is probably a fashion faux pas).

When I think about my start as a personal style blogger ten years ago, I almost laugh out loud. I do not know how to style myself at all. I never have! I just like to try new things and wear old things differently. However, these pants have been giving me style conundrums for six years now. Maybe, like new year's resolutions, I should stop forcing it and just give them up. 

Or maybe these pants are more like my blog. I can't get to them often, but man, I can't imagine giving them up completely. So here I am, trying again, but a little more casually this time.