Friday Five: 1/20/17 | STYLE BLOGGERS

For this weekend's installment of Weekend Links, I wanted to introduce you to some of my favorite personal style bloggers. These are bloggers I've been reading for years, and I have met all but one of them in person. Also, I stole these photos from their websites without permission. Please don't sue me. I love you. And I've linked accordingly! 

JEN LOVES KEV // Jen is honestly one of the sweetest, most down to earth women I have come to know. We approach life from the same faith view point, so I find myself texting her for advice or using her as a sounding board. I love her attainable style and her home. I remember when she and I both used to wear high, high heels and short, short skirts, so it's been great following along as she navigates the same life stage I'm in (three kids, lower heels, longer hemlines). 


ORCHID GREY // Julie is just flat out cool (and so is her husband Chris). She has a wicked sense of humor, an amazing head of hair, and is so wise. I love her witchy, girly, bohemian style. She pulls off original looks, but it's super inspiring. She always makes me think, "I should try that!" 


THE BRAVE LIFE (formerly Delightfully Tacky) // Tiny buy mighty, this one! I have loved watching Liz's style and hair colors evolve over the years. She can pull anything off: sporty looks, rocker girl, Modclothy stuff. She's so frank and smart and creative. I'm excited to watch the Mom Life chapter of her life unfold. 


BLONDE BEDHEAD // Andrea is that really, really rad girl in school that you wanted to get to know but you were crazy intimidated by her radness.  But then one day, you got stuck doing a project together, and you realized how friendly she actually is. Andrea has a way of making you feel instantly relaxed when you're around her. I love her tough but feminine style, and her shoes are always on point. 


WHAT I WORE // I have been following Jessica's style since before she had a blog (there used to be a Flickr community where people would share their outfits of the day). I will forever be a What I Wore fangirl because when I first fell into this weird world of blogging, Jessica was hugely helpful to me and oh so encouraging. She was the community manager of a (now defunct) personal style website where a lot of us met. This was pre-Pinterest and pre-c/o items, mind you, so we were all about this site, seeing how others were getting dressed. I feel like I share some of Jessica's midwest sensibilities (Hoosiers!), and I've always appreciated her candor and colorful style. I've loved watching her fall in love, get married, write a book, and have two beautiful babies! 

I'd love to know some of the style bloggers you've been reading for 5+ years! Share below or on Facebook