The Curated Closet

I've begun the book The Curated Closet at the recommendation of my Instagram buddy Cait. Elsie from A Beautiful Mess reviewed the book and this part of Elsie's review is what made me pull the trigger: 

I LOVE that the book doesn't recommend a bunch of basics for everyone, like a trench coat or black heels. I always hate when magazines and blogs do that because there are no basics that work for everyone. I seriously never wear white button up shirts, but every list will always say you need one. -Elsie Larson on The Curated Closet

HEAR HEAR! (Although I just got my first plain white button down this year for my birthday. While I don't reach for it EVER on its own, it's been a great layering peice under overalls and dresses). 

As you know, I've been so eager to rediscover and refine my personal style, so I just want to tear through this book. However, there's homework. Lots of detailed homework. Ugh. I was a terrible college student because homework is for squares! Jokes! Homework is for the disciplined, go-getters, serious about achieving success. Typically, this is not me. I've always had a problem with finishing things I start, but in the name of wardrobe (and self?) improvement, I am giving this an earnest, enthusiastic shot. I've even made a section in my bullet journal dedicated to The Curated Closet exercises and thought processes. 

The first thing I have to do is record my outfits and where I wore them for two weeks. I also need to start a "Style File", a collection of outfit images that I'm drawn to. I've been looking at my Pinterest boards, and I'm starting to see a theme:

tulle skirts, anything with jewels set in fabric, interesting pants

tulle skirts, anything with jewels set in fabric, interesting pants

I'm hesitant to name my style ("modern bohemian" "fancy Goodwill" "Audrey on meth") as that's not recommended in the book because it can box you in, but if I had to name some of my style icons, I'm a big fan of Atlantic-Pacific for her use of color and the impeccable fit of her clothing and Man Repeller for her off the wall -WINK!- at fashion. Jentine of My Edit doesn't blog much these days, but her Instagram is always inspiring to me because she wears vintage in a way that looks fresh and modern instead of costumey or old, plus she sells her vintage finds on Etsy

Anyway, it's one thing to say what I like, but it's another to live in reality. My days are spent at home or running mundane errands or sitting on the sidelines at swim and basketball practice. A tulle skirt and a beaded blazer just doesn't work on a day-to-day basis. I need to figure out how I can bring some of this girly, weirdo, -WINK!- into what I can actually wear as the suburban, stay-at-home mother of three little kids that I am. I'm hopeful The Curated Closet can show me how I can do that.