My birth stories (again!) on The Birth Hour

If you're visiting from The Birth Hour, hello! Hi! I love that my birth stories are being rebroadcasted on what happens to be my two oldest kids' birthday week. For those of you who were with me back in my Adored Austin days, can you believe that Jude is turning six and Caroline is already four?!

If you haven't read or listened to my birth stories, that's nutso bananas to me. Give it a listen here (originally episode #3): 

And read each account here: 

  • JUDE // first birth, precipitous labor (home birth), I lost my dang mind but not my modesty. 
  • CAROLINE // twenty minute labor (home birth), unintentional water birth.
  • LUCY // crazy pregnancy, precipitous labor (home birth), gif and flow chart included.

Be sure to subscribe to The Birth Hour. I am so proud of my friend Bryn's podcast success, and I love the community she's created celebrating mothers and all kinds of birth.