Our surprise wedding re-do on national television

In case you missed our appearance on The Meredith Vieira Show, both our segments and a behind the scenes segment are online here.

Here's a bit of the backstory and a big surprise:

Note: our original wedding story is here complete with photos. 

Here's the wedding re-do and another big surprise: 

We still have a lot more we'd like to say about everything but right now we are still just flabbergasted and humbled by the entire experience. People are calling us, sending us Facebook messages, and basically high-fiving us via our phones and computers left and right. It's wonderful and weird and wow and whoa. Chris and I are trying to write a post together that more fully expresses what marriage means to us and how God has used marriage to shape us these last ten years, so we hope to have that online next Monday.

Thank you for all the sweet messages. It's all just so crazy to me. All of this. And by the way, there's another video of us cutting the cake here. I love seeing my kiddos in all the videos, don't you? 

In the meantime, if you have any specific questions about our wedding or our marriage or being on the show, feel free to leave them in the comments or send me a message. Nothing this surprising and cool may ever happen to me again, so bring it on. 

If only Meredith knew about my birth stories (especially Caroline's), then maybe we'd be invited back (feel free to leave comments on her site to let her know how great we'd be telling about that!). But how do you re-do a birth on tv? Anyone have any ideas?