Before we were five

A couple weeks before Baby Lucy made her worldly debut, my incredibly talented friend Amy, of the newly launched Pinwheel Portrait, came and shot a "Good Morning" session of our family.

I am just over the moon for these photos. Amy simply asked us to go about our Saturday morning as usual as she quietly snapped away. I much prefer these documentary-style photo sessions versus highly stylized portrait sessions. So often photographers will ask to set up a session of family hanging out on a sofa in a field in the middle of no where. Ten years later would I wonder what the heck we were doing in a rando field on an antique couch? While that's pretty and all, it just doesn't capture the little things about home life that I want to remember years from now, like Caroline's chubby hands clutching her cat cup or the way Jude's fine baby hairs stick up all over the place in the mornings.

I can't stress enough how important I think it is to invest in good family photos. When my grandma passed away last winter I found myself wishing we had gotten more photos taken. I can't recommend Amy (and Nathan!) enough, and I will always treasure these photos as she did such a great job documenting our family just as we are.

Check out our full session on the Pinwheel Portrait blog here.

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