Pregnancy Fact 1: You are 50% model / 50% old man

I am not one of those women who just looooooooves being pregnant. I really only half-way love it:
On the plus side (aside from getting a baby out of this, obvs), my hair is looking better than ever (trivia bit: while pregnant, hair falls out at a reduced rate, leading to a fuller head of hair), all the extra blood in my system gives my face a healthy, rosy glow, and a few of the extra pounds I'm packing on have decided to settle north. Huzzah!

I'd celebrate all this if it weren't for... well... the southern part of my body. I am all gut and off kilter, my digestion has lost all acumen of decorum, and it would be no stretch at all to call me a curmudgeon, thanks to my strange hormonal-based mood swings.

31.5 weeks down // 8.5 weeks to go!

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