Kid of the Year (in other words, give your mom a really great Mother's Day gift and be funny)

Do you want to earn "favorite child status" from mom this year? I can guarantee that you'll be in the running if you give your mom a Mother's Day Gift that is equal parts thoughtful, useful, and delightful. A present that will make her smile + a card that will make her laugh = sure hit. Here are some ideas that will make your siblings wish they would have thought of that:
mompuns1. CANDLE // card inspiration: "No one holds a candle to you, Mom."
[pictured: Capri Blue Red Volcano candle via Anthropologie]

2. RING // card inspiration: "For all those times when I was growing up and you wanted to ring my neck."
[pictured: Catbird Heart Ring exclusive to Anthropologie]

3. SHOES //  card inspiration: "I bet raising us was no easy feet!"
[pictured: white crochet TOMS via Nordstrom]

4. TOTE // card inspiration: "You are TOTE-ally the best mom, ever!"
[pictured: red striped reusable tote by Baggu]

5. MEASURING CUPS //  card inspiration: "When it comes to being a mom, you more than measure up." or (sappier) "Our love for you is beyond measure."
[pictured: Measuring Hedgies via Anthropologie]

6. GRATER // card inspiration: "Mom, you're grate!"
[pictured: Beak the Clock Grater via ModCloth]

7. WHISK // card inspiration: "I whisk you were here!"
[pictured: Martha Stewart stainless steel balloon whisk via Macy's]

8. WINE GLASSES // card inspiration: "For all those years you had to put up with my wining."
[pictured: Mikasa Cheers white wine set via Dillard's]

9. DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME //  card inspiration: "I can't picture a life without you!"
[pictured: Kodak Pulse wi-fi digital frame via Amazon]

If your mom does, indeed, deem you her favorite child after you used one of these ideas, high fives all around! If anyone else has any punny gift ideas, leave them in the comments below!

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