Pageant pictures are crazy:
wthThat said, I was a bit hesitant to get my first round of Mrs. Austin photos done. I had a fear that my first professional pageant photo would have to be decked out with fake eyelashes, impossibly perfect skin, and glass doll eyes:

[See what a little time on Ribbet can do?]
So when I saw that Kathy Whittaker was offering a special, I promptly nabbed a spot, grabbed my crown and banner, and got my headshots done the day before I left for Indiana. Kathy is a photographer my talent agent recommends for acting headshots, and she happens to specialize in non-glitz pageant headshots. I love how they turned out:
kathyphotosNot bad, huh?

We're six months out from the Mrs. Texas pageant! Yikes. My first round of headshot are done. This just got really real.

shirt: Walmart
earrings: Noonday Collection (loan)

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