Amplify Austin: Adored Austin incentives

Have you ever wanted to advertise on a blog? What about my blog? If you're sitting there thinking, "Yes, I've thought about it..." then I have some good news for you. As part of my goal to raise money for the Austin Children's Shelter via Amplify Austin this Monday, I have a deal that is good for just 24 hours from 7pm on Monday, March 4th until 7pm the next day Tuesday, March 5th:
ampaustin2That's right. If you donate $25.00 or more to the Austin Children's Shelter through my Amplify Austin page, you can enjoy a 300x100 pixel ad on the right side of my blog from March 6th- April 30th. I'll even do a round-up post of all the companies who participated, showcasing your business or your website.

I've been a volunteer at the Austin Children's Shelter for nearly a year, and my life has been tremendously effected by meeting and working with the residents. I grew up in a blue collar home where money was tight but encouragement was abundant. It grieves my heart that these children don't have the adult family members in their lives to adequately care for and encourage them. To that end, I want to bolster the work that the Austin Children's Shelter does because it not only provides shelter but it also gives these children the necessary resources and love they need to grow up in a healthier environment. Just last Monday my friends and I threw the kids a night of fun: we played Just Dance, sang Karaoke, gave manicures, jammed on the guitar, offered guitar and piano lessons, and played basketball with them. It was such a joy to see them let down their guards and to enjoy being children for the evening. It's important to me that I do all I can to help sustain this wonderful organization.
[youtube]If you're a business owner or another blogger, this is a great opportunity to try blog advertising. My blog's reach is pretty great, and I expect my traffic to increase substantially during the Texas Style Council mixers, SXSW, The Neighborhood (where I'll be speaking on a panel), and my upcoming features in Ladies Home Journal and Real Magazine.

Set your alerts for Monday. Your $25.00 will go to a great cause. Donate at

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