I have a two year old already?

Jude is two years old today!
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlUgYu2oKNI?rel=0][The above video is a collection of photos and videos of Jude's first birthday through this past weekend. Here is his birth day through his first birthday if you want to see him as a teeny tiny baby to see how much he's grown].

Some of Jude's favorite things:
Sharks, fish, monkeys, trains, trucks, and busses.

Jude's favorite activities:
Basketball, car rides, bike rides, and running.

Dear Jude,
Happy second birthday to my silly monkey boy! It has been amazing watching you go from a baby to a toddler this year.  Your hair is finally filling in, you have a mouth full of teeth, and I've watched your shaky, chunky baby thighs turn into the confident, long, lean legs of a child. You are growing into your size seven boots, your 2T pants, and your big personality. Your birth should have been an indication that as a child you would do all things with gusto. People always comment on how much energy you have, and I think that's fantastic. I love all your little boy energy-- how you seem to think, "Why walk when I can 
run?" You run everywhere, you sleep hard, and you show love enthusiastically. You pray for your friends by name, you shout "I love you!" when you leave the house, and when you hear someone sneeze you yell "Bless you!". You're tidy and polite, curious but cautious, and silly and sweet.  

Also, you have a great imagination. Just the other day, I heard you telling a story to Khun Yai about how you saw a shark with a blanket, and last week, when Daddy got home from work, he asked you what you did that day and you spun a tale about a bike ride and train tracks and swimming and rainbows. I always want to appreciate and encourage your boundless energy and creativity. I love being your mother, and my heart swells thinking about how many more birthdays I get to celebrate with you.