My new maternity maxi

If we're buddies on Twitter, you'll know that last night I had a bit of a wardrobe conundrum. For you see, I'm already up 50 pounds at 31 weeks pregnant, and none of my maternity clothes fit. Yes, friends, I am now bigger than I ever was while pregnant with Jude... and *gulp* I still have at least nine more weeks to go.

Not fitting into maternity clothes may not seem like a big deal (that's what stretchy tank tops and elastic waist athletic shorts are for, right?), but it does present a problem when you're 12 hours out from a photo shoot! For the upcoming issue of a local lifestyle magazine, a little opinion piece written by yours truly will appear, and the editor set up a shoot with renowned photographer Michael Thad Carter. Drat! I had nothing to wear! I had already scoured thrift stores and vintage boutiques but nothing quite worked with this massive bump.

Zoom! A late night trip to Target to secure a maternity maxi* was in order. Mixed with a funky robe and a vintage animal belt (strategically placed to ensure I look pregnant and not just chubby in the photos), I felt this was somewhat indicative of my style and would photograph a little more fun than a plain black dress:
date: 2 August 2012 | occasion: photoshoot, lunch with Rachel
 dress: Liz Lange Maternity | robe: thrifted from Savers, Halston | sandals: Old Navy | clutch: vintage, Texas Thrift | belt: thrifted, Goodwill | earrings: c/o Wild Gems
A little note about the robe: Chris did see me trying on this entire outfit last night and inquired, "Are you just wearing that robe around the house or is that going to be a part of your outfit for tomorrow?"

"It's a part of my outfit!" I then shot him dagger eyes so he knew not to say anything else about my interesting choice.

Robe in public aside, I'm excited to see how the published photos turn out. I'm sure by the time the issue comes out, I'll have gained even more weight, and fifty pounds will just be a fraction of the total weight gained by the time Little Lady Bird makes her debut. But let's not blame the baby for that, okay? Let's attribute that to Freebird's steak burritos / kids eat free on Mondays and Tuesdays.
fallThese "stand on the garden bed and look nonchalant" poses may need to end. I've found that all this baby steak burrito weight has made it nearly impossible for me to balance without pitching forward and almost breaking an ankle. This probably means that my sky high wedges will have to be retired for a bit now, too. Noooooooooooo!

* Also, since rereading my post, I herby promise that I will never use the term "maternity maxi" to refer to a long dress for a pregnant woman ever again. "Maternity maxi" sounds like some kind of enormous, adhesive panty protector worn by gestating women to catch the bag-o-birth-water** in case it breaks in public.

** Also, I herby promise to not use the term "bag-o-birth-water" again, too.
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