Groupon Sale Alert: Cute Sandals and Colored Denim at Make Me Chic

Ever since my friend Sydney blogged about summer sandals, I've been keenly aware that I am lacking one or two casual pairs of flat sandals for my summer vacation needs (at the end of last summer, three of my favorite pairs of sandals finally collapsed and fell apart from years of overuse and abuse). Last night I saw a Groupon for Make Me Chic, an online shop I haven't heard of. While most of the clothing isn't really my style (y'all, I'm getting old!), they had a lot of on-trend sandals that were in the Old Navy price range even without the Groupon.

I happened to have some Groupon credit burning a hole in my pocket, so I did what any impulse shopper would do... I got the dang Groupon! Here's what's currently sitting in my shopping cart:
I really like those neon yellow sandals! The teal edged sole is what sold 'em for me. On Friday, I got some highlighter yellow jeans from Francesca's, and I think they'd be a nice complement. In fact, I'm nearly certain the neon jeans in stock at Make Me Chic are the same brand as the Francesca's ones. I've sent in an inquiry to find out. If so that would mean they're USA made and pretty much the most affordable and comfortable skinny jeans I've ever tried on. Comfort is the key for me as I'm wearing these right below my baby bump. If they are the same jeans, that blue shirt will get tossed out of the cart in favor a pair of some bright blue jeans, which Francesca's didn't carry.

Anyway, take a look around Make Me Chic. If you see $50 or $100 worth of stuff that's on your summer wish list, be sure to take advantage of that Groupon in the next couple of days.

Disclosure: Any first time Groupon purchases made from the Groupon link I posted may result in me getting some Groupon credit for the referral. This means you may be fueling my unshakeable penchant for shopping and eating out. In that case, thank you!

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