Live Famously } Sweepstakes and Twitter Party

My love for Perez Hilton has been blogged here before. I have been reading his blog for years... before it was even called Perez Hilton, actually. He is a really nice guy (is sincerely incredibly thoughtful), and with all his endeavors, I truly believe he is one of the busiest, hardest working bloggers in the country. He has turned the tone of his blog around in the most recent years, and it's still one of my morning haunts and my guilty pleasure for Hollywood news.

Something else that I love is film and tv. I know that it's uncouth to say one loves tv nowadays, but I have mad love for 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, The Office, Once Upon a Time, New Girl, Project Runway, Hart of Dixie, and Glee (well, I have a love/hate thing with Glee; I really just watch it for Emma Pillsbury's clothes and Quinn's hair). It's still my dream to become a television writer and to write and produce screenplays.
That's why I was super excited to be asked to host a Twitter party this Sunday in conjunction with Lean Pocket's "Live Famously" sweepstakes.
As you may know, this Sunday is a big night in film and television, and six other blogger and I are teaming up with Perez Hilton and Lean Pockets to have a live Twitter party from 7pm- 9pm ET. We'll be hilariously live Tweeting the red carpet and the awards show. I hope you'll join us. Simply hastag your commentary with #LiveFamously. What's even cooler is that during our Twitter party we'll be giving away lots and lots of swag bags that include spa gift certificates.
The best part about this whole promotion is that you can win one of literally thousands of prizes with the ultimate prize being a trip to LA that includes a $1000 shopping spree, spa services, dining out, limo transportation, and a concert experience with Perez Hilton himself.
You can enter every day from now until March 30:
The no-purchase necessary way is to enter here.
As for Sunday, I'll be recovering from gum surgery, so while I won't be dressed to the nines, I'll be online offering up my best Joan Rivers impersonation as the stars walk the red carpet. Join me!

sponsoredpostdisclosure: In accordance with FTC Guidelines, Adored Austin discloses that this is a sponsored post and part of the LEAN POCKETS® ‘Live Famously’ campaign. Some compensation has been received.