Texas Style Council 2012

I am getting ready to enter into the busiest three months of my year if last year is any indication. Yesterday I launched and opened up registration for the 2012 Texas Style Council, and I am incredibly excited to be organizing this meet-up for the third year now. I can't believe how it's grown! We have some great bloggers coming in from all over the country as well as some amazing speakers.
The Texas Style Council differs from other blog conferences in that we focus on creating genuine connections between the attendees and we encourage our participating bloggers and brands to be the best version of of themselves, no matter how big or how small. Two days are dedicated to networking and meeting new people and brands, while one entire day is devoted to a fully staged social media symposium where bloggers and brands can learn from top tier professionals new ways to connect with each other, their readers, companies, and customers.

Our 2011 conference was praised for being "relatable, comfortable, and approachable" and it is our goal that our 2012 conference retains its "girl next door" vibe to it. We have decided not to cover topics like how to monetize and implement ads or how to approach sponsors because these topics are very well represented at other blog conferences and in online communities specific for style bloggers. Our social media symposium will be focused on creating community, using blogs as a launching pad for greater goals, increasing inspiration and creativity, using social media in innovative ways, and being the best blogger or business you can be-- no matter how big or small. We want our 2012 conference to be a place where each blogger and shop owner is inspired to create fresh online content and given new tools and connections to reach goals beyond a simple online presence. Our main focus this year is THINKING BEYOND THE BLOG (i.e. how can we use our blogs to create community, grow a brand, and achieve dreams bigger than what's on our page?).

I'm proud to announce that Kendi Skeen from Kendi Everyday will be delivering the keynote. On the wave of her giant blog success she has opened Bloom, a brick and mortar shop in McKinney, Texas. Kendi was a Texas Social Media Winner last year, was the face of Fossil's Holiday campaign using her own 30x30 meme, and topped the list of feedback for whom bloggers and brands wanted to hear more from last year.

Won't you join us? >>>

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