Jane By Design Style Challenge: Task five

Whew! Let's go ahead and knock my fifth Jane By Design Style Challenge out, shall we? Five down, two more to go! I found this email from Jane in my inbox tonight, and I am absolutely thrilled to still be in the running for this thing:

Your next assignment is inspired by my life. I’m actually a very busy person. My life is a constant juggling act and I’m just hoping I don’t blow it. Sometimes I don’t even have time to change my clothes, so I have to figure out how to change my look in a flash. If you want to work at Donovan Decker, you’ll need this skill in order to survive. Let’s see if you can do it!

Take the white shirt out of your trunk and put it on your dress form. Using accessories from your own collection (or anything else you can think of), show how you would style the shirt for a day at the office. Then, change the look entirely and show me how you would style the same shirt for a dressy cocktail party. Post photos of both styles to your blog, and write an entry explaining what you did to create each look. Ask your readers to share their day-to-night styling tips here and mention the name of your blog. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Watch this video for additional inspiration into this phase of the interview process, and make sure your readers get a chance to watch as well.

Good luck!
Happy New Year!


I wanted to dye the shirt a different color or to cut it up, but I do think the point of this challenge was to incorporate a basic white shirt into two different looks vs. turning the basic white shirt into a funky black shirt or a fur shirt. I do want to take the back out of this and replace it with lace, but alas, that's a whole different blog post, my friends. Without further ado, here's my attempt at styling:
dayblazer: vintage Christian Dior via Andrea & D12 | skirt: F21 | necklace: InPink | shoes: found on the "free stuff" table at my Grandma's assisted living facility (yes, really!)
nightdress: work in progress/ DIY via A Pair and A Spare | necklace: Buffalo Exchange (new merch) | bag: prize from Grace's Birdcage | shoes: DSW
Hi, Jane.
I hope you were able to get at least a little time off from Gray during the holidays. I've created two fun looks for you. The day look is a take on the classic skirt/ blazer combo, but I've switched the expected pencil skirt out for a soft tulle skirt. The gold chain necklace tucked under the collar and chunky navy and gold belt add visual interest and keeps the vintage blazer current. As for the night look, since it's for a "dressy cocktail party", I had to choose something with lots and lots of shine. I'm in the middle of making Geneva's wrap mini dress in this crazy gold jersey knit that I have, but I thought that the white shirt underneath was the perfect way to winterize it. Who says a white button down has to be boring?
Excited to still be in the running,

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Again, I really appreciate everyone's patience and support with these Jane By Design blog posts. Only two more to go! If I win, they'll mention my blog on the show (and also, I got a dress form! Woot!) but better than that is the fact that I get to choose an Adored Austin reader to be featured on ABCFamily.com as the "trendsetter of the week".