Giveaway [closed]: Hollywood Fashion Secrets Jean Kit

What do your jeans look like under your boots? Get ready to laugh. This is what's typically going on underneath my boots:socksThis is usually my little secret unless I'm at the airport or unless someone asks me to take off my boots at their house. I'm sure if one were to give my booted ankles a cursory glace, she'd be able to see all this bulging. It's ridiculous, right?

But in the grand scheme of things, I thought it was no big deal. I was perfectly content doing my jeans like this for the rest of my boot wearing days... until I was introduced to Boot Straps:

bootstraps2They're just stretchy velcro straps that tack your jeans down and keep 'em in your boots. I love that someone out there in the world said "No more jeans in my socks in my boots!" I've had these for two days and I've already used them four times. Part of me wonders if these got invented by someone who spotted this jeans- tucked- into- socks- insanity on me at the airport a few years back.

Have you heard of Hollywood Fashion Secrets? They sell a lot of little things to prevent you from having "wardrobe malfunctions", and among those is their famed Jean Kit. In the Jean Kit, there's the aforementioned Boot Straps, Hem Tape that helps with this:
needhem(I need to get three inches taken off my new Earnest Sewn jeans), and there's also something called Hip Huggers which attach to your belt loops to close up pesky waist gaping.
The nice folks at Hollywood Secrets sent me their Jean Kit to try out and I totally dig it. All three things are really simple but are extremely effective. They sent me an additional Jean Kit to share with a friend, but I thought, why not share the wealth with someone that reads Adored Austin? So if you want to win it, just fill out this form by this Monday, midnight:
[form removed. entry period passed.]
Please, only one entry per person. I hope you win!