Blazer tag + gold lamé

There's a place in Austin called Blazer Tag. It's laser tag, but they added a "b" to make it seem cooler. For my birthday a couple of years ago, the theme was "Forever Young" and my friends all came over dressed like children, and we ate dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and pizza and drank Kool-aid. Then we went and tore it up at Blazer Tag.

Joey showed up at my party, not dressed like a little kid. He showed up in a blazer... because we were going to Blazer Tag. So now, whenever I wear a blazer (which is often in the fall) I have this unshakable urge to play laser tag.
Am I the only grown woman who enjoys laser tag?
The print is lovely but the skirt is way too short to play laser tag in.
But I feel like I could kick some serious butt in these boots!
date: 9 Nov 2011 | occasion: Joann's run
blazer: United Colors of Benetton via ThriftTown | shirt: Trouvé (Nordstrom) | skirt: vintage via Delightful Dozen | tights: Target | boots: c/o Wanted | clutch: LV | belt: vintage via Buffalo Exchange
Speaking of kicking butt, I kicked butt at Joann's today. Amanda tweeted me to let me know that Simplicity patterns were five for $5.00. I got ten:

I may have went a little overboard because I also got some gold lamé and a sweatpants pattern:
Sometimes I could use some intervention... especially when it comes to fabric. Shiny stuff is my kryptonite! Since I bought it, I'm going to commit, though. I'm scared! These could end up really awesome or really lame (<-- pun intended). Either way, I'm going to be the owner of gold lamé sweatpants that I sewed myself. This both frightens me and excites me.