I can't believe I own this...

The last time I went to Langford Market, the store manager Davina had this crazy jumpsuit waiting for me. Davina is an amazing sales woman. She pushes me to try things on that I wouldn't normally try on and she tells me the truth about how things look. jumpsuitDavina: "I love it!"
jumpsuit2Me: "Does this... is this... a dropped crotch jumpsuit?"
corkshoesDavina: "It is, but with some chunky shoes you could work it! Right?"
Me: "Maybe! And I think if I blur my eyes a little, these are elephants! Oh, Davina, you know I love animals..."
The details- date: 20 Sept 2011occasion: Buffalo Exchange and Savers runjumpsuit: Langford Market (made in the USA)Texas necklace: c/o Maya Brennersandals: Lulu*s