Ladies I adore

I stole this picture from Amy's Instagram account:

And this one, too:


Today Chris and I met Jen & Rowan, Punky & Adam, and Julie & (her) Chris for a day in Newbury Port. I had the pleasure of meeting Jen, Punky, and Adam last spring at the Texas Style Council, but it was the first time that I've met Julie in person. I've been reading all of their blogs for a couple of years, and it doesn't ever feel like I'm hanging out with strangers when I meet the blog authors of blogs that I love; it's more like catching up with old friends. We walked around together, did a tiny bit of shopping, and enjoyed lunch and beers on the cape. We even saw a dead blue shark on a boat! Chris Adams, Chris, and Adam (whoa!) even enjoyed hanging out together, sharing hilarious stories about the pits and perks of being the significant other of a blogger.

We ended our day with new friendship bracelets on our wrists and gelato in our bellies. In my eyes, it was pretty much a perfect day. I can't wait to see these women again in the spring during Texas Style Council 2012. Maybe by then BFF (Blog Friends Forever) necklaces will be just as cool as these friendship bracelets. Can we make that happen?