Boston awesome

We arrived in Boston Saturday night. We've been sitting in the hot tub and just taking it easy, in general. Tough life, I know. Chris doesn't usually take a lot of time off, so it's nice for him to be able to use this week to relax and visit with family. I'm reading like crazy and enjoying the new scenery. Today we're heading up to Rockport to eat lobster rolls for lunch.

My new haircut is doing well. I'm training my part to the other side and I'm enjoying the ease of the new 'do (here's some quick Photobooth shots for you):


I can't believe how little shampoo I need now. I haven't ever had my hair this short. I thought I'd be unrecognizable with this new style, but one of the sweet girls working the dressing room at Buffalo Exchange asked, "Do you do Adored Austin?" Wha--?! I guess that just goes to show that what one perceives as drastic change maybe isn't so drastic after all.