West coast lazy

Sorry for not posting Monday and Tuesday. I went to visit my family in California for a long weekend, and I thought for sure they'd have a computer with the internet on it by now. Wrong. My family's CTR computer still has Windows 98 on it and was not online.

So I did almost nothing. I visited with one college friend, Meg


and spent the rest of the time reading my new Kindle and laying around house (I bought it barely used on Craigslist from a teenager who got an iPad so didn't want his Kindle anymore). It is marvelous. In three days, I read Bossypants, The Help, and now I'm reading The Happiness Project. Next up is Becoming Odyssa, and I've pre-ordered Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me, which isn't even out until November. I'm going to Boston in a week from Saturday and then Indiana at the end of September. I loved having my e-reader so much that I got Chris a Nook Color so he can get on it, too.

Since I'm obviously an addict, do you have any good book recommendations for me?