Summer blaze(r)

I picked up this mustard yellow blazer a couple weekends ago at "Gucci Goodwill" with Sydney and Linda.

"How is that crazy broad wearing a blazer? It's been over 100º in Austin for weeks!" Yes, that's true, but -seriously- someone needs to sit these Texans down and talk to them about using air conditioning in moderation. When you go inside anywhere, it feels like a walk-in freezer! I always have to keep a blazer or jacket with me.


date: 15 July 2011 | occasion: Trees of Lyres show at Thunderbird
dress: Francesca's | blazer: thrifted, Goodwill | loafers: thrifted, Thrift Town

But that's okay. I love blazers. How much, you ask? This much:

Blazers, blazers, I love you
'Though it's not office work that I do
Over dresses or with jeans
Autumn, winter, summer, spring
With a blazer, no arms I bare
Protects me from cold, over- conditioned air
Yes, I'll take a blazer any time
I love 'em so much that I wrote this rhyme.