These were not a dream

Check out this awesome skirt I got from Feathers over the weekend:


Haha. Tricked you!


Not a skirt.

Those are actually white harem pants. And I think they're rad.

date: 8 July 2011 | occasion: Haddington's for dinner/ drinks
pants: Feathers | tank: F21 | blazer: Factory (Buy Definition) | wedges: Franco Sarto (Nordstrom Rack) | watch: thrifted Michael Kors

My friends tried to talk me out of these pants. Someone said they were Man Repellers (unintentional compliment!). Someone else may have even said that they resembled a diaper. But you know what I did? I stuck my fingers in my ears and said "La la la la la la! I can't hear you!" I had to have them. I laid eyes on them two weeks ago when another girl was clutching them to her chest to take into the fitting room. "Can I tackle her for those? She's pretty small; I think I can take her..." But then my strong sense of right and wrong guilt kicked in, and I let her be. So that's why I was so happy to see them on the rack a week later. I mean, that never happens at re-sale shops! Once you go back for something, it's like it never existed and it was all part of a faded dream.

For the record, I don't think they look like a diaper at all. And I definitely won't use use 'em for that purpose, ever. Whew.