A glimpse into my future

Sometimes when you go to Savers for a photoshoot, you leave with an absurdly sparkly jacket.


Since I'm not planning on going back in time to a high school winter dance in 1983, I thought I'd just wear this over something incredibly casual for my friend Joanie's birthday party at a local Thai restaurant:

date: 9 July 2011 | occasion: casual birthday party
jacket: thrifted, Savers | shorts: Billabong (PacSun) | tee: American Apparel | oxfords: c/o ThreadSense | zebra bracelet: Fashionique (since closed)

This jacket is insane. I can see myself wearing it unironically as a grandma one day. I hope that Chris will take me on a cruise ship trip for octogenarians when we're in our 80's. I'll pair this with chiffon palazzo pants and white Grandma sandals and be the belle of the ball.

Grandma Indiana: "Remember when I wore this jacket fifty years ago, dear?"
Grandpa Chris: "It's just as ugly now as it was then, dear. Pass the Metamucil, please."