And she's back in the game!

Jude can finally sit up on his own in a shopping cart, so that means I am free to resume my weekly thrift store adventures of yore (and when I say "yore" I mean pre-pregnancy yore). I used to go at least once per week, so to make up for my hiatus, this week I went three times! Here's a peak at some of my recent acquisitions:

this week's vintage finds

Top row (L-R): 1960's beaded purse (Thrift Town), Chanel-like 1980's blazer (Savers), 1980's belts with heavy brass buckles- mustard suede and leopard print pony hair (Thrift Town).
Bottom row (L-R): 1980's baby pink leather pants (Texas Thrift), 70's Italian leather mint condition lady brogues (Thrift Town), branches print 1960's real silk kimono.

I'm on fire, y'all. I scored all this for around $25.00. I'm thinking about writing an Adored Austin guide to thrift store shopping, covering everything from the upscale (like Feathers) to the diiiiiirty (like Blue Hanger) and throwing in tips about how to score coupons and how to politely haggle. I've been doing this for so long and so often that I know which stores are good on which days and what stores have the best whatever.

Chris is also pleased to announce that I've run out of storage for all my vintage goodies in our guestroom, so while I wait on the dream, my sister and I will be opening up an online vintage boutique very soon. She lives in Florida and will be picking from there, and I'll be curating our shop. Our husbands are quite pleased that we've decided to unload some of our own collection. She's been collecting jewelry from the 40's- 60's while I've been grabbing things from the 70's- 80's for years now. I'm one of those nutso people who sees something quality for a crazy low price and then I buy it even if it doesn't fit me. My guestroom closet is completely full, as is the floor and the bed. We have guests coming soon, so I've got to start getting it cleared out!

Our shop is called "Common Nostalgia" and we want every piece to feel a little like home. I feel like Shelley and I have a really normal, attainable (but different from each other) style aesthetic, so I hope you'll like what we sell. I can't wait to get it started, and I want to thank those of you who encouraged me to open it while I wait for my trailer.