Come to mamma

It is clear that I'm not aging gracefully. I just got the following goodies from the latest Refinery 29 Reserve sale from 80's Purple (click items and text for details): 

Refinery29 RESERVE leather shorts slouchy shirt open back shirt
At first glace, these peieces scream "I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom!" (reference). I mean, c'mon! Leather shorts? An open back t-shirt? What is this? Freshman year of college? Am I going to start referring to my college days as the glory days?

I let these things sit in my online shopping cart overnight. I woke up this morning fully intending to empty my cart, but alas, I could not get these items out of my head! I logged into Polyvore and attempted to style these juvenile pieces in a way much more appropriate for a lady my age. I am pleased with the results, so I hit purchase (50% off!). On top of feeling like a champ for getting such a great deal, I love that once my new acquisitions arrive, I'll know exactly how to style them (click the image for the Polyvore link):


There's a fine line between trashy and classy when it comes to leather shorts and open backed shirts. Let's see if I can't keep it classy.

Who else has a weakness for things that could easily go to the "trashy" side of classy? Anyone?