Goodbye, Cynthia Vincent Wedges (again)

You may remember that my little monster dog ate my first pair of Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges. Recently, a diligent and kind reader sent me a link to an eBay replacement pair that I promptly snatched up. The next day? The button popped off. Sadly, the damage is on both left shoes.

For as much money, time, and heartache as I've invested in the Cynthia Vincent for Target gladiator wedges, I could have bought a real leather, real deal 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent pair. I am convinced that I am at the age when I need to weigh the cost of a "good deal" versus buying a quality item that will last. Of course, in my ideal world, I'd find good deals on quality items. With all that said, it is with a tinge of regret that I announce that I've given up on finding another (a third) pair of Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges. I'm ready to start considering a pricier pair that would be worth the investment.Goodbye, sweet shoes. You will be missed:

I'm ready for a new summer shoe MVP.