Adored Austin facelift

Part of Makeover May is making over Adored Austin. I've been doing this blog for two years and it looks pretty much the same, design-wise, as it did back then. We're ready for a facelift over here! I'll be adjusting the header a bit. Here's a sneak peak at my new amped up logo:

new logo?

Font changes! Yay! That's the first font I've ever hunkered down cash for, and I'm really excited about it. Nerd alert. Who gets excited about fonts? Raise your hand. Oh, just me?

I'm also going to figure out what's up with my comments not working. Some people can comment and some cannot. I cannot unless I go to each posts' individual URL. Today is probably going to be a pajama day since I plan to chain myself to my desk to make some improvements 'round here.