Was there, like, some important wedding today?

Okay, internet. I get it. You have wedding fever. I am going to attempt to jump aboard your bandwagon. Next month I'll be writing a piece for MyWedding.com on Austin weddings, and in June, after ten years of being together (and seven years of being married), Chris and I are going to renew our wedding vows. You're going to see a little more wedding talk 'round here than usual.

In honor of the royal wedding day, here is a photo from my commoner wedding. I call this photo "wed to a witch":wed to a witchIt is funny and somewhat indicative of our last seven years together.

I think wedding fever is okay, but I do wish that starting ten years ago I would have spent more time focusing on my marriage (which is supposed to last a lifetime) instead of the singular day that I walked down the aisle. Instead of worrying about how my hair and photos looked, I should have been focusing on how my marriage looked. Chris and I will be the first to tell you, our story was not a fairytale.

But lest you think that Chris and I are redoing our vows so that I have an excuse to buy an expensive dress and drop a load of cash on a day in which I demand that everyone treats me like a princess, please know that it isn't about that at all (beware: that link is to my personal blog and I've been told that it's a bit of an over share). We plan to keep it pretty small and very simple. For me, it's not about that day... it's about the rest of our lives. We may not have had a fairytale wedding or marriage, but when I'm a grandmother I hope that our family will be able to see that ours is a story of redemption and grace.

Feel free to get your wedding fever on, people, but get your marriage fever on even more so, okay?

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