Easter Sunday

In college I was a bank teller. One year before Easter, an older gentleman came in and asked for twenty $20 dollar bills, twenty $10 dollar bills, some fives, and some ones. He said that he had to fill Easter eggs. I asked him if there was an age limit on his Easter egg hunt. Who here wouldn't be ashamed to knock down some preschoolers if more than $600 was up for grabs?
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date: 23 April 11 | occasion: Easter Sunday with Austin City Life
dress: courtesy of Francesca's | hat: Walmart | wedges: Franco Sarto | sweater: Mink Pink

When I was little, my grandpa would put one $1.00 bill inside a plastic egg. A few eggs would have some candy. A couple of eggs would have a quarter or a nickel. The rest would be filled with grass or dirt but the majority of the eggs would be filled with pebbles. I really hated emptying all my eggs only to have a basket full of rocks and other yard waste.

Thank goodness that's not what Easter's all about.

In related news, Jude won an Easter egg hunt yesterday. It was a lot better than my Grandpa's. Every egg had candy. Jude won a duck Pez dispenser. I let him drool on the dispenser and bang it around a little. I'm going to eat all his Pez and chocolate later today, then I am going to pass out from an awesome sugar high.

By the way, I'm totally in love with this dress. I originally picked it out in blue, but it was sold out, so the kind folks at Francesca's sent it to me in pink, instead. If you like it too, be sure to use the code ADORED for 30% off any regularly priced item online. I'm eying this skirt in pink. I just can't get enough pinks with neutrals this time of year!