Meet The Editor

There are two great things that have come into my life lately that make doing Adored Austin and Made This/ Love This a little more streamlined. One is my awesome intern Rachel. The other is The Editor:the editorThe Editor is a planner made specifically for style bloggers. Can you believe it? I am one of those people who does best with a hardcopy planner. I don't type appointments into my phone or use Google calendar or iCal. I sketch out ideas, I jot down notes on the backs of envelopes, and I'm always making lists in the margins of other papers. Priced at $25, The Editor was calling my name, begging me to do all my brainstorming and planning in one centralized location. So far, I really like it. I've only been using it for two days, but I already feel a lot more organized, and it may be the best $25 I've invested in my blogs! [more info here]