Inspired by BurdaStyle

After all the busyness of Monday (cleaning up from the TxSCC, speaking at SXSW, doing the Lucky Magazine mixer), it felt good to have an easy Tuesday last week. Brooke, Rachel, and I met up at Takoba with the women from BurdaStyle.

I kept it super casual and ended up spilling ceviche juice all over my white jeans. That'll teach me to wear white denim after 1984!lunch with burdastyle
shoes by wanted
accessories today
date: 15 March 11 | occasion: lunch with BurdaStyle
tunic: American Apparel | jeans: swapped | wedges: Wanted | necklace: Accessorize | watch: TIKKR | sunglasses: SoLa

Last summer I learned to sew. I'm not great at it (I can do straight lines... that's about it!), but I do want to get better. I've been eying some patterns on BurdaStyle, and I've been meaning to up the ante in my sewing skills department. Anyone else with me on that? I think it'd be really cool if a group of novice sewers seamstresses (?) take on easy projects together. Maybe twice/ month or so? We can start with easy patterns then showcase what we made. Who's in?

For me, I think maybe my DIY projects are a lot like exercise. I prefer to do workouts with a friend or in a class. I'm most motivated and encouraged when I see that others are on the same journey as I am. Perhaps my DIY projects will be the same. Maybe I'll be more likely to use all the pretty fabric in my stash if I were doing a project together with some friends. If you'd like to be a part of my DIY collective, let me know! I'll announce our first project soon! I promise that it will be fun and easy!